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Introducing the new SkyLow by Skyline, the lowest profile pop-top roof to hit the market from the market leaders.


Measuring just 25mm on top of the vehicle the streamline roof gives the impression there isn't a roof at all. Available on the T5 & T6 SWB Volkswagens, this roof is a game changer. 


Benefitting from a low profile, this sleek design gives you the most head room and sleeping accommodation you could possibly want, without compromising the look and height of the van. 

There is no headroom lost on the interior, with both standard, bi-fold bed and cover panel options available. 


The roof locks with the same compression latches used on the very popular Skyline Aurora.


The SkyLow is available in Gloss Black, White or Colour Coded to match your van.  


Skyline SKYLOW Pop Top

  • Height 25mm on top of van. 

    Available in gloss black, white or colour coded to your van.

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